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Besides the typical basic maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations, air filters, and cabin filters, many vehicles have common problems, or pattern failures. Good Neighbor Auto Repair specializes in a number of these common issues on Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Ram vehicles. Below are some examples of the problems we deal with:


Leaking Evaporator Cores
These are our main specialty! An evaporator core is a critical component of the vehicle’s A/C system, where the refrigerant is boiled off to absorb the heat from the incoming air and produce cool, dry air to provide comfort to the driver and passengers on a hot day.


When an evaporator starts to leak you may notice any or all of the following symptoms:

·     Poor A/C performance, or a lack of cold air from the vents

·     An intermittent hissing noise from behind the dash

·     An odd chemical smell coming from the vents

·     Light smoke or vapor coming from the vents


The evaporator is located in a plastic housing behind the dashboard and is extremely difficult and time consuming to replace. It is almost always required to remove the dashboard to access the evaporator, and on Jeep Grand Cherokees it is a very involved process. At Good Neighbor we know the exact location of every bolt and screw by heart, and have a detailed routine to replace your Grand Cherokee’s evaporator quickly and making it seem like the interior was never even touched.


Leaking Condensers

Another one of our specialties! Similar to an evaporator core, a condenser is another critical component to the A/C system. Located in front of the engine radiator, the condenser takes hot gaseous refrigerant and exposes it to the relatively colder outside air and cools and condenses it to a liquid. When these leak the refrigerant in the system can no longer make it to the evaporator, causing poor system performance and cooling.


When a condenser starts to leak you may notice any or all of the following symptoms:

·     Poor A/C performance, or a lack of cold air from the vents

·     An intermittent hissing noise from behind the dash

·     An oily stain on the condenser fins


The condenser is located behind the vehicle’s front fascia/bumper, typically bolted or secured in front of the radiator. While condensers are usually easier to replace than evaporators, they do require the removal of the front fascia, which can be a delicate procedure. At Good Neighbor we are highly experienced in removing fascias, and can do so without damage to the paint or fiberglass structure. You can rest assured that your vehicle’s paint and body will remain in the same condition after a condenser repair.


Malfunctioning A/C Door Actuators

A broken A/C door actuator can be an annoying problem. Inside the A/C housing there are a set of flapper doors which redirect airflow for direction and temperature, and if one of the actuators is malfunctioning a desired setting may not work. If you want cold air and the blend door actuator is broken, you’d be stuck with hot!


If a door actuator is malfunctioning you may notice any or all of the following:

·     A knocking noise from inside the dash

·     Temperature or mode settings that do not change (Hot to cold, face vent to defrost, etc)

·     A blinking A/C or Recirculation Mode light that does not turn off


Door actuators are located on the A/C housing, and in most cases do not require removing the dashboard to access. Some are very easily accessed, while others may require extensive “automotive yoga” to get to. Good Neighbor A/C Service can handle all your door actuator repairs, regardless of whether it’s super easy or incredibly difficult to access.


2011-2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Instrument Panel Covers

One of the more annoying problems with the 2011-2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee is instrument panel leather delamination, or put more simply, the leather on the dash starts peeling and wrinkling. This is caused by poor adhesive application at the factory, and over time the sun and heat start to cause the leather to come apart from the fiberglass frame. Good Neighbor Auto Repair is highly experienced in this repair, and can replace your Grand Cherokee’s instrument panel cover quickly.