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Good Neighbor Auto Repair was formed in early 2021 as a neighborhood air conditioning repair service. Our lead technician Matt is a former Chrysler Electrical Master Technician who specialized in air conditioning, body electrical, and body mechanical repairs for over ten years at a local dealer. He also performed service and repairs on all other systems on Chrysler vehicles except major transmission and driveline overhauls. He is ASE Master Technician certified, as well as ASE certified in Advanced Engine Diagnostics. In addition he also has a current ASE G1 "General Service Technician" certification, and the now-discontinued Engine Machinist M1 and M2 certifications. He is licensed for air conditioning repair through the Mobile Air Conditioning Society, Section 609, license number 1002660.

After leaving the Chrysler dealer he now works at a local utility as a fleet mechanic, performing car and light truck repairs including air conditioning. He also performs repairs on light and heavy duty equipment, and heavy duty trucks and trailers. This wide variety of repairs shows his versatility and expertise in performing quality work.


Bulkhead is the Official Shop Cat of Good Neighbor Auto Repair. He showed up one cold November night in 2019 thin as a rail and meowing for food. Matt gave him some treats and hes been hanging around ever since. Hes friendly to everyone and especially loves his belly rubbed. Give him a scratch whenever you stop in!